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Gunboat Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

After a long time loading the game displays this screen. It starts with the word Accolade and then a bullet cuts through it
After the Accolade screen loading the game displays this screen - must be the gun boat at night. Credits are displayed along the bottom edge
Game menu
Pilot practice. This allows the player to drive around a bit
While driving around the boat comes under heavy and sustained fire. It seems to get hit every few seconds. Fortunately these messages are followed by a 'No Damage Possible' message
There's a target ahead, looks like a gun emplacement, and the river is lit by a searchlight
Gunnery practice starts here
The gun must be swung around to find a target. The boat moves up and down in the water and shots sometimes land to the left/right of where they're expected to
Still practicing under fire. Still 'No damage possible'
Target destroyed!
Ahead is a gun emplacement and some sampans
Grenade practice starts here
Grenade practice is much the same as gunnery practice - the difference being that fewer hits are needed to demolish a target
At the start of the game the player must enter their name
This leads to the player id &rank screen
The default position for the captain's pencil is 'Redo'
The outline plot of the game - basically spread terror and kill everything
Mission selection coming up
Mission 1 : This is completely unexpected!
Mission 2 : This is what we signed up for. Nice to be invulnerable first time out
The map screen. The mission is to navigate the rivers to a point north-west of centre. The boat is the little cross at the bottom right.
There's an 'Identify target' key. The boat I've been shelling is a PBR, better stop that
From here the game plays just as in the practice sessions. navigate the river with land & enemies on both sides, shoot them, get to destination, shoot that...