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Gunfright Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
ZX Spectrum Gameplay
Start the game.
Initial bonus. You have to properly manage your money.
The game begins at the jail-house. You're the sheriff after all.
Draw!! Draw God Damn it!! Draw you son of...
(let's get more cautious about the profanities, 'kay?)
- Take this, and that, an... pzzzooew!!! And bang and buzo...
(hey stupid... yes I'm talkin' ta you. You get fine fines for each time you shoot women and fingerers... yawn)
(going after Billy)
"I smell something, an odour I've not felt since..."
(Billy screams in agony when his arm is blown away)
- My arm... (coughing)... what have you done with my arm!!! (guttural squish)
(now, be a good boy and don't hit this guy... He's your GPS, and he has a lisp)
- Dwhere! Dey were Chive of jem! Chiiive!
- w...?
- You kidos behaving? I don't want any more poker cards with nude women. This is a serious Christian place. We don't want your kind here. Let me confiscate that...
Love their inventive way of symbolizing things like this horse.
(Robocop main tune playing)
The little fella is trying to distract me from the bag of money. The beauty next to me has also something up on her sleeve.
- Fiu, fiu, fiu... "I say potato you say pachach...
Nice view. Ultimate gives an incredible good taste on its games. This, one of my favourites.
- You're asking yourself punk... do I have six tag (abruptly mute)
(and you ask very well sir. to reload your gun you spend precious seconds while duelling)
Soon, a rain of bags will fall upon you.
- Good mo├žoilas around here Senhor?
- Sir, we are a Christian community and we don't need your kind here. What kind of magazines have you got there on your bag?
- Come quietly or there will be... trouble.
(serenade of firearms in slow motion)
- Iech! I Chaw Dam 'ntering Dhere. Dey uere green and Have big eyes.
- Bettlejuice!!! It's me, don't let me do this to yaa! We're both ghostsz!
- M...Mh... Mum?
(Albinoni - Adagio in G minor)
Looking for Wild Bill. The conjugation of interior and exterior to maximize performance is one of the many trumps of Ultimate.
The graphical expression is extraordinary. Does not need subtitles.
Tumbleweeds arrive as new obstacles plus, the villainy which now is using two hats, is riding a horse.
- Cheapy chestnuts over here! A pound a dozen! Just salted and roasted!! Take them while they're still warm!
- I told ya boyz not to bring those disgraced succulent voluptuous nhamy cards again... now I have to confiscate them once more against my will.
- You see, I think she has something about me dripping on the toilet, but what can I do? Sit like a woman and pis...
Bulls eye!
- No sir, you have to understand you're not Lancelot and you are not allowed to ride a horse indoors. Rules are rules, this is not a democracy.
This looks like a ghost town with ghouls and apparitions. Very sinister. Even the player looks sinister. Even I am getting chills around here... brr...
- Hey you, yes you on the left! Why are you wearing that stupid hat?
- Are u' talkin' tom-e? Are you supposed to chat with a reward poster?
(Playing seek and hide)
- I know my stupid guy with a funny hat is hiding behind the window!!
(muted laughing sounds from a guy with a lips)
(checking some domestic violence) A cactus is also a lethal object on this game by the way.
(Tonto was caught hassling a tumble-weed)
- You don't have to do this... you two could become friends and be happy, like we all are here, happy...
- Don't you ever call me Tonto. My real name is Bunny! And I'm a star!
- Had to slap that last guy really hard... not a good sportsman. Now the last one of them (harmonica tune playing very far and faded plus wind blowing)
Harmonica tune exalting!
- Didn't I tell you not to bring those cards again? - You by the way Sir, are a pervert and shall not steal what is mine!
(fire shots)
Hall of fame