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Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen.
A short animation showing hooded guys leaving a car. This is followed by a scrolling message outlining the game plot 'An embassy has been overrun by terrorists ....
Followed by a scrolling message. 'An embassy has been overrun by a group of terrorists stop. Their demands are unacceptable stop. it is your job to free the embassy and the hostages....
A van then arrives, the game title assembles itself and the game displays a copyright window followed by the developer credits
Game control menu
The game starts with a map of the embassy and a scrolling mission briefing running across the top. The objective is to get 3 men into 3 locations, survey the embassy and intervene in the assault
Playing as operative Delta first
Delta comes out of the shadows and dives to avoid the search lights
Making a dash to the right
Successfully hidden in the next archway
On the move again
Caught in the spotlight....
... and therefore dead.
Delta angel?
Later - more progress was made by creeping
Hiding in another doorway
On the move again
Another doorway, Delta died again shortly after this