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Crash! (Aug, 1985)
A superb arcade clone with Imagine getting as close to the original as possible within the limits of the Spectrum. All the events represented here are very close to the original, as fans of the game will find out when they try out their arcade tactics. The graphics are excellent with few attribute problems and the colours are well used with nice use of normal and bright. The man is excellently animated as he swims, jumps, and shoots his way through the events. Sound is excellent too, with all the familiar noises of the arcade game which are superbly reproduced. The game itself is very addictive and as strength draining as Daley’s, but this time your reflexes and timing are tested too, giving welcome breaks between bouts of keyboard destruction. A brilliant follow-up to World Series Baseball and one which shows that Imagine are well on their way back to the top.
Your Spectrum (Sep, 1985)
What a sports simulation. The events have mostly done away with the key bashin', joystick thrashin' of previous games of this ilk, and I don't like to boast but I bet there's not many of you on your third time round already. Huh?
Sinclair User (Jul, 1985)
Get into training, sports fans, for a compilation of sporting simulations from Imagine '84. Hypersports is licensed from the Japanese amusement arcade game of the same name, and should not be confused with Daley Thompson's Supertest, about to be released by sister company Ocean. On the other hand, it does the same sort of thing, and will test your biceps to the utmost as you pump the joystick in agony.
We looked at the Spectrum version for the purposes of this review - and the graphics and animation are above standard for all the events.
Wir haben uns die Speccy- und die C-64-Version angeschaut. Ich muß sagen, daß beide Umsetzungen sehr gut gelungen sind. Grafisch kann sowohl die 64er als auch die Spectrum-Fassung einiges bieten. So‘n bissen trist ist‘s schon, die Speccy-Version, aber es ist nun mal kein Atari ST oder Amiga. Im Soundbereich läßt HYPERSPORTS für den „kleinen“ Commodore den Speccy links liegen. Martin Galway produzierte einen absoluten Spitzensoundtrack frei nach Vangelis‘ Chariots of Fire (die Stunde des Siegers). Da kommt auch heute kaum ein Sound mit.
Your Sinclair (Jan, 1990)
[Re-release] These days sports sims actually call for a little skill — brute strength is no longer enough. But if you'er an enormous lunk with no manual dexterity to speak of, Hyper Sports is worth a punt.