Karnov Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This is the game's title screen. It displays briefly at the start of the load sequence
Karnov is one of those games that doesn't fit onto one side of the tape
This is the game's configuration screen. All the player(s) can do is select a 1 or 2 player game. The player returns here when all lives have been expended.
There then follows some more loading from the tape ...
... then with a flash of light ....
.... Karnov appears in the game.
Karnov leaping from pillar to pillar. The golden shoe in the sky is a bonus / power up item. The green flying things are demons and any contact with them is fatal
Contact was made. Another life lost.
Karnov is about to collect an item, a ladder that helps him climb walls
The ladder has been collected and now appears in the inventory. There's a bomb power up over to the right near the baddie who's throwing great stone balls at Karnov
The baddie has been dispatched and the bomb power up has been collected
Making progress. Here's another demon and it's quite well drawn.
The ladder has been deployed and Karnov is climbing it
The 'K's in this shot are collectable items. Get 50 and the player gets an extra life.
Green demons spitting fireballs while sitting on flying saucer like things