Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

List of th defenders in your squad
The 'loading the loading screen' screen
The main loading screen
Choose controls
Kepe clicking 'no' until it gets to the team you want (wouldn't a 'select team' menu have worked better?)
Of course, if you lose a game you should win, your bosses won't be happy
Is this team good enough to beat Wrexham?
Place your players relative to the opposition on the tactics screen
Lost this one
The match highlights - our player missed a sitter
Whereas theirs scored
Menu of the various staff to consult with
We are mediocre, says the coach
As in Tony Hancock the comedian? Oh well, he'd be a better footballer than Tommy Cooper
Every good club has a bank loan
Notice the nerdish thick-rimmed glasses they've given the Accountant
The chairman's report
Last-minute winner against Scarboro
That match at Crewe must've been exciting
The not-so-mighty Quinn
That's bad news - Andy Player's our leading scorer. Possibly.