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Knight Rider Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Splash screen
Game start screen
The message across the top reads 'Good morning Michael, Deven has informed me of Terrorist activity in Chicago'. The first task is to change my current location to Chicago and start the mission
Mission commences. The timer in the bottom right counts down. The SKUDS counter on the left is distance to destination.
Here come the bad guys. I found it easier to drive and let KITT shoot. The player can drive faster than KITT but the faster the speed the less accurate KITT is at shooting
The damage indicator on the top right of the dashboard is fully lit. Missiles have little effect but going off the road causes the border round the game screen to flash and adds to the damage
Now we're at the destination. There's not much of a clue about what to do next. Press FIRE to 'enter' Chicago
The bad guys hideout. The message scrolling across the bottom of the screen reads 'Michael, you must get to the room on the other side but be careful, I detect guards'
Armoury in Chicago
Terrorist Base in Las Vegas
Terrorist Base in New York
Democratic Convention in Denver
U.N. Conference in Los Angeles
International Trades Conference in San Francisco
Presidential Dinner in Washington
Missile Base in Miami
Missile Base in Atlanta
Mission completed