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Lightforce Reviews (ZX Spectrum)

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Crash! (Nov, 1986)
“After thrilling to the PCW Show preview, I eagerly awaited the arrival of Lightforce. Usually any game I wait for with such anticipation is bound to disappoint me, but this game really is the exception to the rule! Something has to be said about the graphics, but how can I do them justice? Colour is absolutely amazingly superbly stunningly (help, where’s my thesaurus?) brilliant, and the game is undoubtedly one of the best shoot ’em ups on the Spectrum. Maybe I have some sort of sadistic craving to destroy aliens in a fast-moving, scrolling landscape, but if that’s the way it is, and if I can play and play Lightforce, then I’m happy. Okay? This game certainly is!”
Die Gegner werden von Level zu Level gefährlicher, die Grafik ist sehr abwechslungsreich, was dazu fahrt, daß Langeweile erst gar nicht auftritt. Wer Light Force spielt, sollte einen kräftigen, durchtrainierten Joystickarm besitzen, denn die hohe Geschwindigkeit des Spiels führt zu rascher Ermüdung der Muskeln. Ich hatte jedenfalls nach kurzer Zeit einen Krampf im Arm. Das ist allerdings nicht negativ gemeint, denn welches Spectrum-Spiel führt schon zu ähnlichen Effekten. Light Force ist das beste Beispiel dafür, daß der gute alte Spectrum noch längst nicht tot ist. Im Gegenteil. Und ich weiß, wovon ich rede, denn neben einem C64 und einem Schneider CPC besitze ich auch einen Spectrum und kann daher recht gut vergleichen. Jedenfalls ist Light Force ein Spiel, das in keiner Sammlung fehlen darf.
Computer Gamer (Nov, 1986)
The graphics are excellent, both the backdrops and the moving objects, and the colour clashing is minimal - even the explosions look good! Sound is very limited, but then the whole game is designed to run on a Spectrum and take account of its limitations and. on a Spectrum, very little sound is better than trying to play music through a vibrating tin plate. If FTL keep producing games of this quality with this presentation then Spectrum owners will be in for a real treat.
Your Computer (Dec, 1986)
Lightforce is a shoot-'em up of almost unparalleled quality, at least on any machine except the Commodore. Using vertical scrolling, it combines the natural 'kill everything' feeling with a sense of urgency which has the player trying frequently to find that elusive extra bullet to get him out of a very sticky corner.
Computer Gamer (Feb, 1987)
Lightforce started out as a new idea for handling colour on a Spectrum. This gives you some nice graphics without all the grotesque colour clashing that goes on whenever anybody tries to use any sort of colour on a Spectrum screen. The resulting effect is quite good on the Spectrum, but the effect doesn't carry across to the Amstrad and Commodore with the same kind of impact.
Your Sinclair (Dec, 1986)
Nobody could deny that Lightforce looks nice, and you'd expect nothing less of a Gargoyle game. But it doesn't quite seem to have captured the elements that make a shoot 'em up totally addictive. Instead it becomes frustrating and though the graphics move fast for their size, they seem rather sluggish on-screen. So though it's definitely not a 40 watt bulb on a snail, it's not Faster Than Light either.