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Lorna Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

First load screen
Second load screen. This assembles itself from a series of randomly floating pieces
Third load screen
Game options 1 Keyboard 2 Redefine keys 3 Kempston 4 Sinclair 5 Cycles through parts 1 - 5 0 Play
Key redefinition screen
The game starts here. There are two white dots, one above Lorna's knee and the other over towards the blue man. These represent the start & end of this phase.
The first guard. These come along at regular intervals. If they are not killed they walk left to the end of the level, turn around, and walk back to attack from behind.
Lorna's first life has been lost. Dead enemies & Lorna's all drop off the edge
There's something being carried by that green dragon. Also a guard has made it to the left end and is coming up behind Lorna. Guards move faster than Lorna
All three lives lost. There's no hi-score. Replaying is easy, the next screen says 'Hit Fire to start again' - or something very similar
Another attempt and Lorna's travelled further. The green dragon is now bringing her a chicken, probably flame grilled.
About a third of the way through and attacked on both sides. This is a key point on this level because that's a trap that triggers an arrow, just visible on the right
Once past the arrow the type of enemy changes. Gameplay's still the same though.