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Lunar Jetman Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
The main menu. The player is returned here when the game is over
The game starts with the buggy on the planet surface. Then LJ appears and so do the nasties.
Its advisable to move and shoot right from the start because one hit from a flying geometric shape and LJ is history
The gun has excellent range
Unless the player is very good at this kind of shooter, or just extremely lucky, this screen is seen a lot
There is a high score table but the player must get over 10500 to be on it!
Fly Lunar Jetman! Fly for your life!
A nice graphic of LJ's fall to the ground
I managed to reach the Hall of Fame.
Picking up a cannon for the moon rover.
Firing with the moon rover cannon. Later it will prove to be uselessness during the gameplay. A waste of time and lives.
Lunar purée. I didn't know English could have accents. Did you?
Reaching an alien base. These apparatus are everywhere.
I should have had parked the rover. It's not a good idea to collide with an alien space station.
If you loose the lunar rover, no matter how lives you have you loose the game.
First step, to equip the rover with a bomb.
Forget about destroying the aliens. Just focus on the task of levelling the craters with the special structures found inside your rover.
Only when the levelling is successful, you are then able to drive the rover in the direction of the alien base.
Pick the bomb and drop it in the direction of the main turret.
But first you have to practice targeting.
Grabbing a platform structure.
Too much time repairing the road and a missile is launched. The necessary number of hits required to destroy a missile will proportionally increase as the levels are completed.
I'm afraid I hadn't got time to do anything to stop the missile.
The rover was hit...
...and destroyed. A
Ops. Picking the wrong weaponry.
Being fired from the minor turrets. Enemy entities everywhere and no time left. A desperate attempt to blow the base...
...became a tragic moment. Not only I was shot, but the bomb didn't reach its target as well. It reminded me the awful rainy days playing Underwurlde.
A second take, this time there was no time left and 2 missiles were fired from the base. One reached the rover, the other is pointing towards Earth.
An explosion when I hit the alien. Several sort of satellites beautifully animated and a firing ship surrounded the rover.
This is one of the entries of a portal.
The second entry.
Finally a base is destroyed.
Entering the portal.
The exit/entry of the portal.
Pursuing a launched missile.
Frantically and hysterical firing the missile.
Bye bye missile.
New entities.
New entities, new level, tired of playing...