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Mach 3 ZX Spectrum Splash screen: displays very briefly as the game starts to load




Mach 3, along with later Turbo Cup and Disc from the same developers utilized an early in-house music tracker technology, which let them compose soundtrack comprised of digital samples that took up little space, unlike a continuous recording. Most of the popular 'tracker' software didn't get much use until 1990 or later, and the earliest examples of in-game usage was also in 1987 in Amegas. What's even more impressive is that the DOS release used a PC-speaker to play the tracker music and samples. Ultra Force put out a Mach 3 audio player around 1991, which could play all digitized sound from the game.


The game bears some resemblance to the arcade laserdisc game M.A.C.H. 3, but the two are unrelated.

Information also contributed by Tomer Gabel

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