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Mapsnatch Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed as the game loads
When the load has completed the game pauses awaiting user input. The title text changes colour.
The game then asks for the number of players. There is a long pause between entering a number and the game recognising it. Its a confusing screen but this offers a 1,2, or 3 player game
A 1 player game has been chosen. The computer seems to be playing as player 1 : SPE. The player can put in their own 3 character name. Here QWE has been entered
"Reparto de territorios" or Distribution of countries. Each player starts with a number of countries under their control and after this screen the game shows which player has what countries
The computer has 26 armies in the UK, France, the Ukraine, Sweden, and Southern Europe
The player has 22 armies in Finland, Italy, Turkey, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Norway
This is a turn based game and SPE, the computer goes first.
SPE, the computer, decides to attack
SPE will attack from the United Kingdom where they have four armies ...
... and they will attack Norway where the player has four armies based. This is payback for Eurovision isn't it.
The two warring nations are displayed on screen and three dice are rolled for each player. The computer has the higher total on its dice so its won
SPE has beaten QWE. Its base loses 1 army
Now its the players, WE's, turn
There are four options, Attack, Place Armies, Information, Begin New Game
The information screen shows how many armies are in each country under the player's control
The player is moving armies into Norway where there are currently three armies, as shown by the three yellow squares in the grid on the left
The move armies option. The player selects option A, to move armies into Norway, or B to quit. With option A selected the player has chosen to move 2 armies. This ends the players turn.
After moving the armies the players turn is over. In the computer's turn it decides to attack Finland from the United Kingdom. It lost. The game continues in this manner