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Monte Carlo Casino Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game loads to this screen
Selecting 'WAFFLE' brings up the credits and a list of games by the same author
Start screen with $10,000 stake money. The player returns to this screen on exitting any of the five games
Starting with Roulette
After choosing 'Bet' the next option is to select the stake
After that the player selects the odds. This then allows the game to choose which subset of number groups the player can bet on
I selected odds of 11-1 so I get to choose a row across the table. Selection starts at the row containing numbers 1,2 & 3
I settled on the row containing 19, 20, & 21 and I chose to place no more bets, the wheel spins and .....
... number 35 came up so I lost.
Here two bets have been placed
Bet 1 loses, I blame the woman with the demonic eyes, ...
.. and so does bet 2
Later I get tired of roulette and quit. I'm taken back to the game selection screen (with a lot less money)
There's no skill to this, just hit 'RETURN' and watch the money disappear. I like that the reels have 'Codemasters' symbols on them
My last spin and it's a winner! The coins drop out from the machine as the winnings register
This time it's CRAPS
The CRAPS table at the start of a throw. Options are Bet or Quit
The next option is to choose the stake
And then to place the bet by moving the stack of chips to the appropriate location on the table. Here 'Pass Line' has been selected
The dice are rolled
'Point is 5' I didn't win but the game is still afoot
The next roll and I've lost. That woman with the laser eyes is still there
A few bets later and I try 'Field Bet'
This time I win
Blackjack selected
A good dealer always shuffles
I can start the game or change the stake. I only have a little money left so I chose to start
first card dealt
Second card dealt. The game shows what each player has showing. I choose to stick on 18
... and the dealer goes on to win
A few hands later and all the money's gone, proving this simulation is just like the real thing.
Poker selected
First hand. I have a pair of 5's and choose to bet
I bet the minimum
The dealer folds so I win the pot
Second hand - this time I bet on a pair od aces
The dealer drops again! This is too easy...
Hand three - I have nothing so I drop ....
... and the dealer wins the pot
Hand four - I have nothing sop I try a bluff. The dealer calls
The new cards are no good, but the dealer also took 3 cards
I increase my bet and the dealer raises
Time to see what the dealer has
Beaten by a pair of 3's
That means the dealer wins...
... and once again it's Game Over