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Multi-Player Soccer Manager Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Up to four people can play!
Here you can enter your name, which for this we will use Player One - just because
This shows who you will be managing and your sponsors
The main menu
The squad menu
Your playing squad
You can sell your players as you wish...go on then let's sell Himsworth
The other players can bid on your players as well
Aaaaand SOLD to Bournemouth
You can set training methods for your players
This shows the titles you've won throughout your career, including the illustrious League Joker
The match data showing the ratings of you and your next opponents
Your fixtures list showing who you'll be playing against during the season
You can edit the names of your players so that even the best players can play for you team...and even Dad!
See! Now we have Dad as the top striker!
You can increase your ground's capacity and safety
Your bank statement showing the payments and deposits of the week
You can view the week's fixtures
And here are the Division 4 fixtures for this week
You can also view F.A. Cup and League Cup fixtures
Here you can save your game into a blank cassette or load an existing saved game.
The transfer market is where you can buy new players for your squad
Will this be enough to force Manchester City to sell Redmond?
No, it's pipped to the post by Fulham
You can view the league tables
The Division 4 league table, this also allows you to view data of each team in the league
And here is data for Hereford United...honestly just how many Joneses does one team need?
And you can do it all over again with Player Two and so on
When you choose to play the next match, this is the screen you are greeted with...OF COURSE I'M SURE! Oh wait I forgot to put Lineker in the squad! CURSES!!
You view results from the other divisions, like here is Division a 4-all thriller!
And here's Division 4
YES! Dad got on the scoresheet!
This is where you choose how to pay your staff
And this is the results screen from the main menu showing the results of last week's fixtures