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Mutant Monty Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Lets save the girl
Collecting gold
High Score.
Choosing controls.
Let's save the matron.
Level 2: The Pits of Primeval Slime.
By Karl D. Jeffery (as KDJ).
Level 3: An Abandoned Coal Mine.
Level 4: The Hoppit-Thorins Lair.
Raise your finger, not that way... if you recalled Monty Python. The question is why.
Level 5: The Computer Corner.
Level 6: At the Pit of Muccus Things.
Raise your finger... c'mon... if you recalled HMM's Venon Spawn.
Level 7: The Caves of the Clezions.
These foes resemble some kind of ghouls... Ghost'n'Gobins?
Level 8: The Upward Shaft.
Level 9: This Way Upwards.
I don't know about u' but this looks like Wolfenstein's first baby steps.
Level 10: The Desolate Wastes of Pi-Thon.
Definitely Age of Empires (it's Python's again you twit).
Level 11: Inside a Neutron Accelerator!.
We could have such hapiness with such little things back then.
Level 12: A Trip to the Zoo.
These scenarios meant for relaxation purposes, are doorways to another chapter of levels... I think...
Level 13: Inside a ZX Spectrum???.
It's very funny to follow the "story" and the association with the titles during the gameplay. Take a look.
Level 14: "Welcome to Huncky's Home".
Don't have a clue what this sentence means.
Level 15: N.A.S.A. Launch Pad.
Space was the final frontier indeed. 2 years after there was the Challenger disaster incident. Tears rolled all over my face. Direct on TV.
Level 16: The Construction Site.
Level 17: ET' Solarius Sytemus .
Anyone who recalls Bubble Buster raise his finge... stop that!
Level 18: Green Cross Code.
Is that a razor?
Level 19: Blast Off!!.
Love this screen.
Level 20: Half Way Cavern....
Level 21: Home of the Mutated Aliens.
...Solomon's Key!
Level 22: The Mazogs Retreat.
Push Off 100%.
Level 23: The Aliens Diamond Store.
This game was obviously inspired at the same time obscured by Manic Miner. It's a good game nevertheless.
Level 24: Something Completely Different.
I foqueling knew it! Allusions to Python's everywhere (Bravo you genius...)
Level 25: You Are Doing Well - Have a Rest.
A question for the approvers: Is this considered... real communication?
Level 26: Delivery of the Quantum Leaf???.
Clive Sinclair is da bossz.
Game Over.
Karl D. Jeffery as I do, really appreciated "Monty Python's Flying Circus". I think I'll add this to the trivia.
Level 27: 'Minor' Smiths Cavern!!.
I really love the pixel art of this scenario. Rick Dangerous is what comes to my mind.
Level 30: Don't Give UP, The Damsel Awaits!.
I think maybe, maybe Horace and the Spiders...
Level 31: Monty in His Bathroom.
Dangerous times. Manic Miner has nothing to do with this. There's this obsession with toilets. Trainspotting corroborates this.
Level 32: Beware the Hills of Eyes!.
I know this reminds me something... Sierra's Pharaoh!. That's it.
Level 33: Monty's Favourite Dream!!.
To calm down the pace.
Level 34: Home of the Parallelians.
I wonder if the author was referring to the Artic's staff.
Level 35: Beer Forest.
Chaos Shadow Forest!
Level 36: To be or not to be?.
I don't know if many recognize this, but back then some programmers expressed themselves to the player with this kind of subtleties.
Level 37: The Bunnies of Watership Down.
Renegade III!
Level 38: The Bedroom - Don't Rest Here.
Sometimes the author simply didn't know what to say, as sometimes I also don't, about what to write on descriptions. Is it only me?
Level 39: You are nearly there.
Yes Sir, I know I'll put my hands on my voluptuous damsel in very soon.
Level 40: The Exit Shaft.
Come here woman! Let me put my head between your... (beep) (beep) and stic... (beep) (continues on and on)