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I'm no Nigel Mansell when it comes to racing but this sim gives you a taste of life in the fast lane. Experience it.
Despite some rather dubious collision detection (usually to your advantage for a change) during the races, the game will certainly provide you with a challenge, but not one that is impossible to meet. A game for racing fans who look for a long-term overall challenge.
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix is quite competent, although it lacks initial playability and hard-core addiction - it could have been much better.
Crash! (Mar, 1988)
You may get the girls and pots of money, but danger and death stand grinning by your shoulder in the fast world of Formula One racing. And to keep them at arm's length practice must follow practice till the Williams car you drive is under perfect control.
Sinclair User (Mar, 1988)
Rather than "capturing the speed, excitement and adrenalin-pumping danger of the world's greatest sports spectacle" as the box blurb would have you believe, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix tries to hard to be authentic, and ends up being a bit pedestrian - more a case of "Nigel Mansell Drives Down the Newsagents for a Packet of Fags (on Sunday)."
Your Sinclair (Apr, 1988)
"Yes, well anyway, here we are, and here it is - Nigel's very own racing game which is closer to the real thing than, er, the real thing, which is more than can be said for Alain Frost's driving. What would you say James?" "Well, of course everything's here Murray. There's a rather nice selection of 16 Grand Prix tracks to crash on and the controls have been designed to simulate the actual feel of really being there!" "So, er, James, what's the idea of the game then?" "To win the Grand Prix."
NIGEL MANSELL‘S GRAND PRIX ist technisch zwar recht ordentlich programmiert worden, besitzt aber nicht die Originalität, die ich von einer erneuten Auflage eines Formel 1-Spiels erwartet hätte. Besitzer anderer guten Eennspiele wie Pit Stop II und Great American Cross Country Road Race können auf NIGEL...usw,usw. eigentlich getrost verzichten.