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    Somewhere between the purple mountains, and the seas of the Seven Islands lies a hidden valley, a land that time has not touched.

    All remained peaceful and tranquil until darkness descended upon the land, light and freedom were banished from its homely hills, and the evil set seed.

    Death and hunger spread, and all who remained within the walls of the village became stricken or hag ridden with haunted evil. All who had deserted the village sought refuge elsewhere. The village was now in complete control by darkness.


    The remaining people, weak and afflicted were unable to leave and soon became enveloped by the victorious evil force, transmuted by some terrible disease into the most hideously foul creatures. They wander their once peaceful village, producing deadly plagues, and fall fouls, to enslave anyone who dares trespass into the village, to try to defeat the evil overlord.


    Many years had passed since the village became over-run, and soon the knowledge of the village slipped into legend.

    Songs were sung and tales were told of brave adventurers who ventured into the valley to find and destroy the evil force and never to return, of the riches that could be gained from the successful adventure, and the evil which lay in wait for anyone who dared to set foot in the evil enchanted NIGHTSHADE village.

    The old story teller`s eyes widen into fiery gems as he recalls and relives the tale of the battle with the force of evil at work in the NIGHTSHADE village.

    "Tales of ghosts and mad monks enslaved by evil forces to do their bidding and of the plagues and foul demons let loose on the village. Even death itself was imprisoned within the village of NIGHTSHADE as an uninvited guest of the evil one."

    The old man continues:

    "Skeletons with rotting flesh dripping with the blood of the long dead, waiting, prowling the now empty village for live prey."
    "Hideous demons" he croaks, "and terrible ailments and spells waiting to absorb any who dares anger the evil force."
    "Lift the darkness and the Kingdom of NIGHTSHADE shall be yours forever."

    The old man slumps back exhausted into the tall carved wooden chair. You extract as much information as you possibly can from him, but he can tell you little more than where to find the village.
    You set off down the valley and enter the forbidden NIGHTSHADE village.
    This story is continued by playing this most Advanced Home Computer Action Adventure Simulation

    You set off down the valley and enter the forbidden NIGHTSHADE village.


    Contributed by S Olafsson (53678) on Jun 27, 2017.

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