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Sinclair User (Oct, 1985)
Nightshade is, as you might have begun to suspect, more of the same the brilliant 3D graphics system of Knight Lore and Alien 8 juiced up and improved to simulate a mediaeval village. Somehow the programmers have managed to get colour into the screens. The game is well-paced - very much an arcade-style production compared to the logic puzzles of the two earlier Filmation games. On the other hand, there is a sense of déjà vu creeping into Ultimate games. It's now well over a year since Sabre Man first appeared, and the concept is wearing a little thin.
Nightshade is another instant classic from Ultimate - it'll keep you guessing for some time. But how long can they keep using a similar format for their games?
Crash! (Oct, 1985)
Nightshade is as I'd expect it to be. Yet another technically brilliant game from Ultimate. The graphics are stunning, cleverly using high resolution detail to good effect. Making the characters large enough to kill any attribute problems but still cramming them with detail is a good idea. The smoothness of the scrolling window was amazing for the amount of detail packed into it; there's been nothing like it yet on the Spectrum. Controlling the main sprite was a lot easier than controlling Sabreman in Knight Lore because of the new option for directional control. The thing that confused me was the actual object of the game: 'oh, we can't tell you that' said a helpful voice at Fortress Ultimate in answer to our enquiry. All in all I can't say that I was as impressed as I have been in the past. I think compared to earlier releases it's lacking in playability. Nightshade is still very good though, and technically a lot better than anything else for the Spectrum.
Computer Gamer (Nov, 1985)
It's still one of the better Spectrum games that I've seen recently, on the strength of the graphics alone. But this time around I can't help feeling that Ultimate have concentrated on graphics at the expense of content.
Still, the game's ahead of nearly everything else for the Spectrum; but it would have been nice if the much-vaunted "Filmation 2" had turned out to be something more than pretty backgrounds.
Home Computing Weekly (Aug 27, 1985)
but even if Nightshade isn't Ultimate's greatest game it's still streets ahead of most of the competition.
Your Computer (Oct, 1985)
Very pretty, technically brilliant, but ultimately not much of a game. Nightshade has finally turned this Alien 8 fanatic into a cynic.
Happy Computer (Nov, 1985)
„Nightshade“ ist ein Programm, das aufgrund seiner erstklassigen Grafik, der schwierigen Aufgabe und des riesigen, verwinkelten Spielfeldes auch für Profis viele Stunden Spannung und Unterhaltung bringt.

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