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P47 Thunderbolt Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Main menu
High scores
A little tape management
Control options
Game start - level 1
Need to get that chopper at top - for power-ups
Dispatching enemy planes
Destroyed chopper for power-up
I now have bombs for ground targets
More fighter planes
Dropping bomb on train below
Speeding up to bomb another train
When the player starts a game, this screen is displayed while the game initialises. The picture starts as one colour, cycles through the colours to green where it stays until the game is ready
Here's a load of anti aircraft guns on a hill....
Whatever this is - I'm having it! It turned out to be an extra life, a third white plane icon was added to the lower right pane
A high score has been attained
Game Over. From here the player is taken back to the Game Options menu