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Pac-Man Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Pac-Man munching on dots...
You can munch on ghosts when they turn blue
A ghost has almost caught me!!
Entering the Hall of the Pseudo Fame.
And there you are!
Keys are the final frontier.
For each 2 levels consecutively passed, this show is played. Pac-man the prey...
...Pac-man the hunter.
There's the lemon... pardon, the orange.
And there's the apple. Ghosts turned into white and one of them is knocking on the Limbo's door. The amount of points raises while ghosts are consecutively caught.
And now the lime. This was the last one out of the cage. The earned points show that.
A game over with a whistle.
Framed by the bell.
Got the key. What a score... the weather is good in Portugal if you happen to know.
Passing the level. 2 keys, what an epiphany.
Get ready! The transformation balls have zero effect on ghosts, and by now they are coordinating cornering strategies among each other.