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atari breakout

Poli Díaz Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game is allegedly compatible with all spectrum models
Load screen
The game manual is needed to get past the copy protection
The game menu
A sparring session. Poli must defeat the sparring partner before being allowed to fight any 'real' fights
The bell rings and the sparring match begins
The power bars at the bottom of the screen indicate the boxers health. The pictures of the boxers show when a blow has landed
Poli lands another blow to the chin in the last second of round 3, is it enough to win?
"You have not done it badly, but you have not managed to win to him by KO. According to your trainer, Ricardo, you have scored the following points"
Points at end of sparring match
Poli wins!
The next match is against a tougher opponent, J.A.H.
The next fight is against Jose A Hernando for the Championship of Spain
The boxers stats are shown
This is a big fight, all the seats are filled and there's a pretty girl who walks round the ring showing the round.
Both boxers are landing punches
Its a KO. Jose is going down
The ref comes over and waves his arm up & down as he counts to ten
You have done well to win by a KO. Noe enjoy your victory"
The end of the bout
The next fight is against Lucas