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atari saboteur

Power Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
The Durell trademark screen
High scores
Main menu
Being unleashed
Shoot the blob
Avoid the barriers
Too close for comfort
My vehicle's gone
Now I've got to fly back to base, which I almost have
Died this time
Which causes the colours to change, for some reason
A sponge regurgitating a mine.
The mine was confronted by a sort of hovercraft.
The hovercraft was blown into pieces. Like a genie in a lamp, a small guy came out of nowhere.
- I am searching for Muadib, do you happen to know where he is? I know he rocks! I play the tuba!
(worm points to the right)
Reaching the hangar for a new hover.
(Hi mom! in worm language)
Nice and new.
A flying pizza (I'm kidding, its stationary) + sponge targeting.
Next scenario: bumper cars joust.
On da groun'. Bitting the dust.
Payback time.
Vehicle exploding (everyone was safe on the performance)
This looks like a bureau information display. (before the level report)
Next scenario. Exploding something I don't remember what.
Next scenario: Now the stationary mines start to chase you. Immediate explosion.
Two somethings. They look like Salmiakki. What's the correlation between a Colossal squid and the Finish candy?
This is when you start to become angry with your computer. This pack of enervating sets of blisters, wont stop until it makes you crash into something.
- A sort of wall? Arrakis? (get this guy outta'vere! The dumb knows nothing about Frank Herbert)
Blister pursuit. The little blue fella over there has to hit the turret so that the wall defences momentarily get down.
The blisters corned the player (why speaking on the 3rd person?) against a mine.
- I did it, I di... (electric sound).
(the wall defences got back)
Vulnerable as a little mosquito.
Turn your eyes if you are susceptible. This is too much.
We did IT! (Tumble pop!)
- The nuclear whatever... (anti-matter plant) where do I have to shoot? (nervous firing)... where? whe....
(mute sound of a nuclear devastation)
Into another dimension where space and time bent together, where no man has ever been... Sprite of the anti-matter plant being amplified.
Zooming 1. A even more distant place where no man has ever been!
Zooming 2. It's so incredible far that one needs glasses.
Bonnnzai!! Do you know that the expression bulls eyes is derived from this word's phoneme? (it's Banzai you meathead!)
Mission accomplished at hard level. (with many savegames)
Hall of fame.