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Pssst Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Main menu
Game start
The blue canister is all you need on level 1
Leaves blossoming nicely
And the full plant soon follows
Onto level 2, which has diagonally-flying insects
This happens if they get the white bit right now
Level 3 adds insectoid nasties
Stop that blue one before it gets to the leaf
For those of you that weren't born at this time, this game was inspired (99,9.9% for certain) by the classic sci-fi movie Silent Running which also had a ecological tone.
Each repellent has a specific target. The red one sprays paraboloidal rays and destroys the pests with fur. It can also freeze the caterpillars...
...the yellow one sprays poisonous drops which will only destroy the bees / wasps (yellow / magentas). It can also freeze the pests with a fur....
(I like this one, what can I say?)
...and finally the cyan can which sprays bolts of foam, will only affect the two types of caterpillars. It can also freeze the bees group.
The blossom of the Sunflower.
Tough fight! Back to the movie: at the 80s not everyone could afford to pay a top of technology VCR or even consoles! It was too much expensive and the most could only see a film on theatres...
...It was a tremendous satisfaction to have a reflection of a certain film translated to another media. People could revive it while playing a game. It was/is a very effective marketing strategy.
Previous screen: freezing caterpillars with a red can repellent (for fur). This, freezing a pest with a fur with a yellow can (wasps).
Freezing the wasp group with a cyan can (for caterpillars).
Being destroyed.
Photo Album: Me and my blossomed love!
Met at Silent Running recordings in ~1972.