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R-Type Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title Screen
Your ship specs
Begin your attack
A power up
Power ups give you different weapons this one floats around shooting at enemies
3 way lasers bounce of the environment
Some enemies are on the ground
Careful flying is in order here
Circle laser power up
The end of level boss
Level 2 - Life Forms in a Cave.
The snake alien - Boss of level 2.
Level 3 - Giant Warship.
Level 4 - Base on the War Front.
Boss of level 4.
Level 5 - The Den.
Boss Level 5 is quite unusual.
Level 6 - Transport System.
Level 7 - City in Decay.
Boss of level 7 is strong mainly due to his entourage.
Level 8 - Star Occupied by the Bydo Empire.
Boss of level 8 doesn't destroy by direct onslaught.
High scores.