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R.A.M. Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This load screen assembles itself from assorted floaty bits
A big static splash screen
Credits are displayed while troops and mobile gun emplacements parade beneath. This screen cannot be interrupted. The player must wait for the Game options screen to be displayed.
Game controller option. If selection is not made quickly then the game re-displays the credits and the player must wait until this game is re-displayed before proceeding to the game.
The start of the game. Fox is over on the far left. So far - so good but soon he will have company
Here come the bad guys, and there's more behind this lot! It is possible to position Fox behind the sandbags sop that he can kill all of these guys. Did it once, can't do it again
Ran away but even that cost 4 lives!
The next screen and the bad guys are hidden behind a truck - which I don't seem to be able to use
Even more!
Not dead, lying down. Fox will not shoot from this position and he won't move either. Good for ducking below some automatic guns but no good against moving troops
The game does vary the distribution of enemies. Sometimes this launcher is there, sometimes there are troops, sometimes both together, sometimes nothing
Last time I played the game there were troops here, this time nothing
This guy fires a machine gun from behind sandbags. Timing is important here because he cannot be killed, even when Fox is right behind him as he is now!