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Red Arrows Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays while the game loads
The game reviews talk a lot about the in-game documentation. This is the screen explaining the game's options for the novice pilot
This is the game's main menu screen. Pressing '1' toggles between joystick & keyboard
Opting for e training flight brings up this list of options. This is where the novice flight modes can be selected.
The start of a solo flight. Flight instructions are turned on and the manoeuvre to perform is 'Roll Left', but first the plane has to get off the ground.
So thrust is at max, that's the yellow column on the left, brakes & flaps are off shown by the coloured letters on the left changing from green to red. The plane is airborne!
After a quick look at the list of action keys a roll to the left is initiated. The absence of any clouds or scenery means that the instruments are the most exciting thing on the screen
The white bar at the bottom of the screen is there for a reason as demonstrated by this deliberate pilot error.
When the plane is completely upside down the next order is given, a roll to the right
This is what happens when a manoeuvre goes wrong
After a crash the game helpfully shows the player 'Here's how the red Arrows would do it'
The squadron lines up in diamond formation and then proceeds to roll and loop while still in formation.