Rescue on Fractalus! Credits


Created byLucasfilm Games Division
Directed byDavid Fox
Concept created byDavid Fox, Loren Carpenter
Transition scenes created byDavid Fox
Animation created byDavid Fox
Documentation created byDavid Fox
3-D fractal landscape image generation byLoren Carpenter
Responsible for animationGary Winnick
Support byDavid Levine
Games Group LeaderPeter Langston
Contributed to the concept and designed night flyingPeter Langston
Music contributed byPeter Langston
Sound contributed byPeter Langston
Special thanks toGeorge Lucas
Trademarks™ of Lucasfilm Ltd.Rescue on Fractalus, Fractalus, Ethercorps, Etheric Navigation System, Etherwave, Jaggi Jaggies, J'hagga Ri Katchatki, Tepdi, Vad Neroleil Rahcre, Modified Valkyrie Class Fighter, V‑Wing, Firedrake, Droid, Droidcraft, ARD/VARC, Dirac Mirror Shield, Anti‑Matter Bubble  Torpedo, Kalamar and the names of all characters and game elements
Main coder in the projectCharlie Kellner

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Credits for this game were contributed by ZeTomes (36397)