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Roadwars Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game's load screen
The game's main menu. When a game is over the player is returned here.
The game supports Kempston, Sinclair & keyboard input. The documentation says that the keyboard action keys can be redefined
The menu disappears in a shower of blue pixels, the music starts and the name of the first level is displayed
The start of the game. Though its a 1 player gamer player 2 is still active. Player 1 is the ball on the left with the shields up
The shields have to be dropped to fire at oncoming obstacles. Collision with these black ball-like things means a life is lost
This is what failure looks like. Both players black-balled
Spikes in the roadway are also something to be avoided - or something to push player 2 onto
An oncoming black ball has been destroyed, now can the shields be raised before player 1 hits the barrier?
Player 1 got a high score. When entering the name the left/right keys are used to scroll the letters and FIRE selects. All 5 characters must be entered so a space is used as the last character here