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Rygar Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Title Screen
Main menu joysticks are detected automatically. I don't have one so keyboard is highlighted. Action keys can be redefined.
The high score table displays prior to the game. You are returned here when all lives have been lost
redefining action keys
A repeat of the ad blurb prior to playing
Displays at start of game and again at the start of a new life
The first game screen. Enemies come at you from both sides
He got me when my back was turned! Note the weapon has limited range so you got to keep moving and shooting in both directions.
Just out of range
You can jump over your enemies and onto obstacles
Got two at once here
Round stones appear and can be smashed to reveal diamonds and other goodies
This one revealed a star
I think a health bonus just parachuted in
There are obstacles such as walls and caverns to jump over
Stones with surprise
Dropping enemy