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Shackled Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads. At the end the 'STOP THE TAPE' message is added to the top.
Following a successful load the game pauses at the load screen until a key is pressed, at which point the game displays the title screen ....
... the game instructions ...
... player 1's keys ....
... player 2's keys ....
and the Hi-Score table
The game starts and already there's a fight. The icon on the left shows player 1 has a sword. The numbers in the top left are the score and the time remaining
This enemy just appeared by apparently walking through the wall. There are prisoners behind the two doors at the top of the screen that were missed in this game
This is combat. Although the enemy is ahead and to the left I can attack him by facing ahead and pressing FIRE
These things lying on the ground are 'SPEED UP' bonuses. They score 200 points. To collect the character must stand on each for about a second.
Four enemies at once and he hasn't left the first room yet!
A dead enemy left this behind. It scores 600 points and adds 500 to the time remaining
In the next room there's a key, and more enemies.
The key, when collected, shows at the top of the screen, and allows the character to open the locked door ahead
So that's the end of the first bit
Start of the second bit
There's prisoners in here. No special key is needed to get them out, just walk up to the door and press FIRE
They're out, and they prove to be a real pain
Here the character explored as far as possible to the right but cannot walk to the left because some prisoners occupy the same spot and block the way.
Here the character has opened another cell. The newly freed prisoners from the cell are in front so the character cannot go forward, the other freed guys followed him in so he cannot go backwards
In the end the only way out was to kill them all but now the timer has almost run out
This is the game over screen
Replayed and released both prisoners at the start of level 1, although I could only get one to follow me
Picked up more weapons this time as shown by the icons. Looks like I have a grenade. The M key swaps between them.
This time when leaving section 1 I have more weapons and a companion. The screen cycles through a few colours. The fact that its red elsewhere means nothing
Made it onto the Hi-Score table second time of playing
Section 1 completed in two player mode.