Shadowfax Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Riding along towards some Ringwraiths
A Ringwraith touched me
You're Gandalf the Wizard, member of the Istari order riding Shadowfax the fastest horse in Middle Earth. Well, that's me saying... because I like both.
The enemy riders change colours when hit by a thunderbolt.
This a traditional Roman triangular formation. It's random I know, and it's not Roman it's just me pretending... but it's a good strategy though.
This one turned to magenta. One of the colours present in the Spectrum of their death. Doesn't matter at all because it's always the same but resembles a cave painting.
This frame is repeated to illustrate that the border has a purpose on the game.
Looks like Buffalo Bill riding, delivering the mail. And it looks like the icon for the Portuguese mail distribution company.
The game has some tricks in its sleeve. The distance has to be calculated when a shot is fired. This was a miscalculated one passing through the enemy causing him no harm.
After being shot, the riders immediately loose their powers and become inoffensive.
The game uses Rotoscoping techniques making its graphics fabulous and very fluid for its time.
The speed of the game became vertiginous from 2000 points up. Although very simple has great graphics and it's amusing for a certain time. It's time to stop.