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ZX Computing (Aug, 1985)
Well, we've seen text, multiple choice, graphic, animated, filmation, and the combinations of each but this is the first ICON driven adventure to date. Beyond recommend that you read the manual briefly, I recommend you read it detail and very carefully. Brilliant!
Sinclair User (Jun, 1985)
Shadowfire is excellent value considering the programming expertise which has gone into the game. If you want a quick load-it-up and shoot-it-down then don't waste your money. However, if you want a fast and innovative game which may well take weeks to complete - buy it.
Crash! (Jun, 1985)
When I start on a game like this, I like to know that there is a strong background, because involvement with the characters and their aims seems important. Just reading the colour instruction book is enough to let the player know that details are all worked out. Indeed, as the game progresses you begin to know the characters under your control quite well, each with an independent attitude to the tasks in hand. This takes Shadowfire well into the realms of strategy and role-playing. In looks, this game is simply stunning. The fluency of the graphics and the way the screens ‘iris in' and ‘iris out' is slick and effective. Special mention must be made of the character screens, which are wonderful and detailed. Icon control may be new to computer games, but it must surely be here to stay, and its use, plus the game design, the characterisation, the skills required and the extraordinary graphics all add up to Shadowfire being state of the art without doubt.
Sinclair Programs (Jul, 1985)
Shadowfire beats traditional adventure, strategy and war programs at their own game. The plot is strong, the graphics excellent and the possibilities endless.
A great game to play that is a real challenge. It is a pity the sequel, Enigma Force is a completely different sort of game which is not as half as enjoyable as Shadowfire.
Retro Gamer (May, 2005)
Shadowfire is a deep and complex game that is as rewarding as it is challenging. Getting to grips with the icon control system can take a little longer than it perhaps should, but we’d strongly recommend you persevere as this is a truly groundbreaking game. Special mention should also go to the great soundtrack by Fred Gray.
Happy Computer (Aug, 1985)
Eingefleischte Fans von herkömmlichen Abenteuerspielen seien vor diesem ungewöhnlichen Programm etwas gewarnt, doch wer von einem neuartigen, kniffligen Spiel nicht zurückschreckt, wird so manche Stunde in General Zoffs Raumschiff verbringen.