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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - TI-99/4A (US):



    The above screens are from one of the Scott Adams Graphic Adventures. (Graphics not available with tape version: see below for information.)

    Now you can enjoy all of the Scott Adams Adventures in either of two exciting formats: the classic, text-only versions, or the highly acclaimed S.A.G.A.'s which feature full color, high resolution graphics. Each Adventure challenges the player to accumulate points, crack a mystery or accomplish a goal using the unique tools of Adventuring: two-word commands, some common sense and a little ingenuity. If you've never played an Adventure, you couldn't have found a better place to begin. And If you're an experienced Adventurer, prepare for a magical encounter unlike any other. So choose your Adventure with full color graphics or classic text, and remember: Anything can happen when you play a Scott Adams Graphic Adventure . . . and, it usually does!

    THE SORCERER OF CLAYMORGUE CASTLE * Follow the faithful apprentice Beanwick through Claymorgue castle as he searches for the 13 Stars of Power. Can you successfully overcome the castle's magic and retrieve the stars ? "Claymorgue castle harbors spells," warns Solon, the Master Wizard. "But beware — one unskilled in the magical arts cannot predict their outcome." An incredible new Adventure from the Master himself, Scott Adams.


    One, or as many as you can fit around your computer.
    SUGGESTED AGE GROUP: 10 to Adult.
    SKILL LEVEL: Advanced — Recommended for experienced Adventurers. Avanced problem-solving skills required. Completion time varies substantially with experience.
    GRAPHICS ORIENTED: Yes, on Disk versions and no on Tape versions, unless indicated otherwise on package.

    Contributed by jean-louis (59982) on Dec 28, 2020.

Back of Box - Spectrum (UK):

    The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle

    Long ago, in times passed beyond remembrance, Solon the Master Wizard and wearer of the Secret Cloak lost the 13 Stars of Power. The grasping Vileroth believed the Stars to be the only source of Solon's expert wizardry. But unbeknownst to Vileroth, it was the Secret Cloak that controlled the Stars and protected the wearer from their awesome powers. Unable to master the Stars, Vileroth was undone.
    In his final days. as Vileroth's strength slipped from him, he concealed the 13 Stars of Power within the Castle of Claymorgue, determined that no one save he should possess them. Solon, learning of Vileroth's destruction, despatched his faithful young apprentice Beanwick to retrieve the Stars.
    "Tread carefully, O Beanwick! Would that I could assume this guest myself, but alas, I can only send with you these few spells. Claymorgue Castle harbors further spells, but beware — one unskilled in the arts cannot predict their outcome".

    Contributed by jean-louis (59982) on Dec 28, 2020.

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