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Starglider II Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Main load screen. The game starts with a simple 'Loading' message and a counter of some kind then changes to this screen with a counter in the lower right
After the game's credits and copyright screen comes the game menu. Pressing 1 cycles between keyboard, Sinclair 1, Sinclair 2, and Kempston
Start of game. Icarus, that's the name of the ship, is flying over a planet surface
The line ahead is a boundary, the game takes place over a blue/white grid. Below and to the left is what seems to be an operational, hostile, active gun turret
Ahead is a two legged robot. The centre-right display on the console shows the ships position in relation to the surface grid.
By going up enough the Icarus enters space. The large column on the lower right of the console indicated altitude. When it's filled to the top the Icarus is in space.
The black circles are planets. Head into one of those and the view changes back to the blue grid. To the right is a hostile ship
This is the beam projectors base, one of the parts to be destroyed. The next part of the messages says 'Constructed on Broadway'
Those bits mean Icarus can fight back
The 'Painting with Rolf' option from the main menu brings up a display of the in-game objects. These can be moved around and rotated using action keys