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Strider Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays while the game loads
The game menu is nice and simple. The time is the standard time for the level, the score is always the highest score for this gaming session
Start of level 1
The game starts with Strider being brought in by air and being dropped onto the platform
Strider is very well drawn and has an impressive attack. The enemies disintegrate nicely too
Leaping is equally impressive. Here he has the height to jump over a flying thing.
This thing is debris from a flying machine. Crouch on it & Press FIRE and it works like a shield
Now there's a swirly thing that will take out enemies too
Took me several goes to make this leap
Having made the leap I'm stuck = Strider cannot jump to the next level - what to do?......
... luckily he climbs automatically while the swirly friend destroys the gun turrets
This guy is tougher than the normal soldiers,
That's finished him but now the roof is on fire and is descending, time to move on
Another up hill climb past gun turrets and more soldiers. Strider is really well animated and drawn