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Crash! (Aug, 1987)
This is one of the best trader games around, and very good by any standards. The graphics are colourful, and the sound on the 128 version is very impressive. With such a variety of things to do (trading, killing pirates etc) and a huge playing area it can keep the player enthralled for hours. Tai-Pan is one of the most enjoyable games to come out this year — buy it and you won’t regret it!
While the ST version is a lot prettier, it is nowhere near as fast and playable as this version. No knowledge of the Clavell novel is required to reach the ultimate goal of Tai-Pan, a task which is admirably aided by the simplistic yes/no and icon-driven options. The variety of ways in which you can play adds to the game's depth, and interaction with other characters maintains interest. If you fancy a quick plunder without too much discomfort then Tai-pan could be what you have been waiting for.
You can't expect ST graphics on the Spectrum but you can expect good game play - and that's just what you get with this version of Tai-Pan. The graphical thrills and time wasters have been taken out leaving space for a very enjoyable trading/strategy game.