Tales of the Unknown: Volume I - The Bard's Tale Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

There is no pretty load screen. The game loads quickly and this is the start, in the Guild of Adventurers with a default party
The party exits the guild and is in the street. These are dangerous times, there could be trouble ahead.
The party does not have to move to find trouble, it finds them. Got by the Kobolds, to attack or to run?
After choosing to fight the player must then select an action for each member of their party
Markus is going to perform a Party Attack. Later, after reading the manual properly, it is realised this is a silly move. Marcus will now attack his own party...
... that means his attack is against a specific member, not of the Kobold group but of his own team
When actions the every member of the party have been entered the player is asked to confirm they are OK
The game then runs the attack options for each player
At the end of the round the party has the option to fight or to flee
Not sure how this happened but Brian has killed Merlin! Back to the manual for some serious studying
Another outing and this time after leaving the Guild of Adventurers the party moves North. There are other buildings that can be entered but the player must fight at every turn to get to them
Only to be attacked by three mercenaries ....
then by magicians.....
(the magicians left a nice surprise)
Then the remaining members are attacked by a single Kobold
.. then the party was attacked by a mad dog
The remaining members fled North there is a big building just beyond here that the party did not gain access to because they were ..
... attacked by a Nomad ...
... then 5 more Kobolds.... (Isn't anything around here friendly?)
...and the last member of the party ran into some thieves, but it could just as easily have been skeletons, ogres or something else