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A very pleasing mix of driving action, which compares well with other recent car games, and exploration. There's no let-up in the action on either stage. It's annoying to have to repeat the early buildings every time you play, but otherwise it's well paced and full of things to shoot and find.
Your Sinclair (Feb, 1989)
The two halves also combine well, (Oh no, not a game of two 'alves'! Ed) considering the two styles of game opted for. Having shoot 'em up elements in the racing section, and relating performance in the shoot 'em up to the power and performance of the vehicle in the racing section worked surprisingly well. One minor gripe: the graphics in the playing area are monochrome throughout. But, there's plenty packed in here, and the racing section alone is better than some racing games that have been released this year. Gremlin is to be congratulated for making an interesting and addictive game out of two completely different elements.
Two distinct games emerge. The highway chase stage is similar to Road Blasters but with add-ons less readily available, and with automatic gears driving soon becomes mindless. The building stage has the leaps and pistol fire of Rolling Thunder. But none of this excuses the gratuitously bloody mayhem which ensues and looks even worse on the 16-bit screens.