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Transversion Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game displays this screen while it is loading
The game's only menu screen allows the player to select the controller of their choice. This is the screen the player returns to when all lives have been lost
With the controller selected the player must then press 'S' when ready to start the game
This is the level 1 game area before the ships are positioned. Such a simple looking screen. So tough to complete.
The ships are in place. The four alien ships move independently along their side of the grid. The player is the white ship in the middle
A little way into the game. Several pods have been wiped, the aliens have moved position and have commenced firing
Tracking right to left across the grid. There's a missile directly behind the ship. missiles & ship travel at the same speed so a sharp turn is called for here
Didn't make that turn fast enough, one life gone
Whenever a life is lost the player returns to this screen. All pods are reset on restarting the level
Game Over and a high score has been set. The game's playing a few bars of 'Congratulations' while it displays this message
When the music finishes the player is asked if they want another game, if they do they are returned to the 'Choose your controller' screen.
Levels 2, 4 and 6 are identical.
Level 3.
Level 5.
Level 7.