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Turrican II: The Final Fight Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game loads to this screen where the player selects their controller
Game credits follow swiftly after
The start of the game. Turrican is being dropped onto the planet surface. There are 5 lives and a countdown timer allows 600 seconds to complete this level
Note to self : remember to hit the ground firing because the aliens are on me straight away.
I moved to the left of the game area. I could not go far and I triggered a few booby traps, they looked like flowers, so I'm already well into my first life.
The little green thing turned out to be a mine. First life over. When a life is lost the game fills the screen with these tiles and then peels the tiles away to reveal a new 'me' ready to start again
Moving right : Turrican can make terrific jumps
Collecting these crystals is important.
This blue strip is the edge of a waterfall. Its very easy to jump off the last pillar and land in it, which would cost another life.
I'm about as far right as I can go. I'm on top of this pillar because there was a crystal here. The square thing could be an alien sun or it could be a platform
It was a platform, that led to another platform and this bridge. A nice touch is the way the bridge sags slightly under Turrican.
The tricky devils put a mine on the next bridge and it's cost me another life
Leapt across the waterfall onto another bridge. Lots of flying insect things and little purple men to deal with / avoid
This jump had to be made blind. A few more pixels and I'd have been back somewhere near the start
The red thing may be a good thing. I mistook it for another mine and tried to shoot it, meanwhile a real mine crawled up behind me and ....
... bang "Game over"
After losing all lives the player is asked 'Continue Y / N'. Its a bit disappointing, should the player want to continue, to have to reload the game.