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Underground Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

A Chevron that comprises many lines saying SYSTEM 4 & UNDERGROUND cleverly morphs int the game's load screen
This is the game's main menu. The Skeleton covers up and then flashes itself every so often
Action keys can be re-defined. The same screen is used
I think this says "If you call to tell you that the world is a shit, do not you stop to listen and see how much you have left of life. Have fun"
This is the game. The player has control of the little white thing.
One screen to the right. The little white thing can shoot but most targets seem unaffected
When a life is lost the screen goes completely green. Lives are lost easily in this game
Cataplof - wonderful made up word that means - you've died. The game restarts on the same screen which is handy
When all lives are lost the hi-score screen is displayed then the player is returned to the main menu
Restarting and moving to the left this time.
Shooting anything red seems to make it freeze for a second or two
Two screens to the left. The character could have gone over the top from the previous screen, or underground as has been done here. There's a hole at the far left ...
... that little white thing has fallen down
One screen to the left and there are more options, to continue on to the right or to descend and go left again
Going left. The blue thing goes up and down and is unaffected by whatever the character shoots. Timing is important here
Now in some kind of cavern. The yellow stuff on the ground in front of the red steps is not actually ground. Its a hole that the character falls down
Here he is, falling into a cavern with a cottage and ladders
Item 2 - Globe.
Item 3 - Toilet.
Item 4 - Battery.
Item 5 - Stop Sign.
Item 6 - Lamp.
Item 7 - Clock.
Item 8 - Cocktail.
easy to look... ...difficult to imitate