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Sinclair User (Sep, 1991)
Destroying things is my idea of a good time (you should see my desk), so Vindicators is just the ticket. It may not hold your interest forever, but whilst it does you'll have a hoot.
Sadly, the Spectrum is not the machine to show off Domark's newest license. With just a monochrome display, the game quickly becomes tedious. Spectrum Vindicators is not helped by graphics, which are detailed enough, but lack variation. Considering the Amstrad version, a real disappointment.
Your Sinclair (Jun, 1989)
On a coin-op Vindicators looks better and plays faster, but deprived of the 16-bitness of its speed and graphics we quickly discover that there's nothing much else there. There's no challenge, nothing to make you want to nave just one more go, nothing except a drab, utterly mundane game that wouldn't make a splash if you dropped it in a pond. Which, to be honest, seems the best thing to do with it. (Tiny, non-splash-like sound.) There what did I tell you?