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Vixen Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game starts by asking which part is to be loaded.
This screen displays as the game loads part A. The same picture is shown at the start of Part B as well
This is the game's main menu
The start of level 1. The red post thing is one of a series, all different colours. Whip them to reveal power ups / bonuses etc
She really is quite well drawn and animated. The dinosaurs though are weird
The red post has turned into a gem which adds 20 to the score in the top right but before it can be reached there's a giant mouth coming from behind the tree
This is part of a death scene. The two dinosaurs have been killed but one made the slightest contact first and that's fatal.
The counter in the top left counts down the time remaining to complete this section. This bonus, which was inside one of those coloured posts, added 10 to that counter
These iron balls are important. It takes 1 hit to break them ...
Then all she has to do is walk into them to collect the item, a wolfs head(?). They appear on the bar at the top of the screen
She cannot swim though so jumps must be well timed
This is the start of level 2. The game has 'remembered' the number of wolfs heads collected from the last game at level 1
This enemy patrols its own little patch. Looks like they cannot climb stairs. So all she needs to do is collect the mystery bonus, this one is 100 points, and get behind it
In level 2 wolfs heads are inside more posts and are released by whipping them
Here enemies either attack from the right and fall into the water and die, or they fall from the sky into the water and die. Still that's the way she's got to go
Part C starts with bridges and jumping straight away.
This is 'Game Over' and the player is returned to the main menu