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Volcanic Dungeon Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game starts by displaying a message about good & evil. It keeps this on screen for quite a while before prompting the player to press ENTER to start building the dungeon
Setting up the dungeon. This takes quite a while too.
The start of the game. Which way to go ...
... Bother!. In the first move of the game I went North and died immediately!
Another game ends after one move. This can quickly become a game of endurance instead of being fun!
Finally - moving in the right direction brings some rewards. In a tunnel a club has been found
Another move, another find. The game does not show previous moves so without a map or accurate note taking its hard to retrace one's steps
With every find the player is asked if they wish to pick it up or not
The first significant weapon and the first combat
Success! gained treasure, damaged the club - seems like a fair trade
Silly question number 1