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Your Sinclair Magnificent 7 July 1991 Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Double Agent Loading screen
Setting the scene
Explanation of the dual-character aspect
How it works in practice
Loading the main game
Preparing itsel
Game start
Some early actions
Control passes between characters as they move
Two different views, as words confuse
A corridor position
The Agents sometimes interact
As mundane as it looks?
A book, in a cupboard
You're a fool if you dare
Main menu
Using the Spectrum hardware here
The instructions screens keep it simple
High scores
Game start
Pushing the first block into a bay
About to complete it
A block party
The block in the corner means I've blown it
Level 2
This looks impossible, but I know what I'm doing
Something like this
Level 3
Not enough space at the top - at least there are no attribute problems
Level 4
Almost done