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atari kombinera

Advertising Blurbs

Back of Cassette Case (Melbourne) - C64 (UK)::
    CLASSIC ADVENTURE was the first major computer game and now it's become a classic in its own time. This exciting new release of Classic Adventure for the Commodore 64 will enable you to slay dragons, find hidden treasures and bribe trolls: and as your skill increases through more and more victories and discoveries you too can become a master adventurer. MADE IN UK

    This program uses


    Loads in less than 3 minutes

    Contributed by jean-louis (60731) on Feb 26, 2022.

Back of Cassette Case (Melbourne) - Spectrum (UK):

    CLASSIC ADVENTURE is the program that started it all! In the dim, dark, pre-history of computers (1978, actually!), Crowther and Woods at MIT invented ADVENTURE. It was a program written in FORTRAN, and if you had a computer with 200K of memory you could kill dragons, find treasures, and bribe trolls. It was so amazing it changed the course of computer games. Now YOU can discover the excitement of Classic Adventure on your 48K Spectrum, and if you are masterful enough, you too could become a Master Adventurer. Made in U.K.

    Contributed by jean-louis (60731) on Feb 26, 2022.

Back of Cassette Case (CP Software) - Spectrum (UK):
    Based on the original game, the colossal caves are packed with adventure and the unpredictable. Discover the treasures left by the wizards, meet dragons and snakes, find the magic sword. SAVE routine incorporated as one game may lake hours to complete.

    From CP SOFTWARE Originally called Adventure 1. Abersoft.

    Contributed by jean-louis (60731) on Feb 25, 2022.

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