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ZZT DOS The title screen of the world's first ZZT game.


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Related Web Sites

  • ZZT (official website)
  • Download ZZT (Free, legal download of the shareware version of ZZT -- look for ZZT.ZIP)
  • Epic MegaGames ZZT links (Epic's links to other ZZT pages.)
  • Interactive Fantasies (The well-known, prolific ZZT/MZX company's webpage.)
  • Interactive Fantasies (The MAIN ZZT company)
  • KevEdit (The home of a popular ZZT editor, KevEdit. Information about the editor itself as well as downloads, news, and screenshots. KevEdit is the most popular external ZZT editor.)
  • Land of ZZT (Old site of famous ZZT creator cly5m's. Parts of it are outdated by about five years, but it's still informative, and it has cool interviews with community members.)
  • MadTom's Pick - Award Archives (This site documents the monthly ZZT game preferences of MadTom. It is a personal award very similar to the now discontinued GotM award. It was discontinued at the end of 2004.)
  • z2 (Currently the largest and most active site for ZZT games)
  • Z2 (Archive of fan-created ZZT games and last remaining active discussion forum. At the absolute least, every one of the Featured Games is worth a try.)
  • ZZT.Archive (The main hot spot.)
  • ZZT Under Windows (ZZT Under Windows is an enormously helpful frontend for ZZT that makes working with ZZT in latter days much easier, including support for KevEdit. With a bit of elementary tweaking in Windows it can do some very useful things.)

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