Driver series

Group Description

A series of racing games set in a criminal setting, developed by Reflections Interactive Limited. In July 2006, after Driver: Parallel Lines, Atari sold the rights, along with the assets of Reflections, to Ubisoft for $24 million. The acquisition was completed in August 2006. The first Ubisoft Driver game is Driver '76 (2007).

Selected Covers

Driver '76 PSP Front Cover
Front cover for Driver '76
Driver 2 Advance Game Boy Advance Front Cover
Front cover for Driver 2 Advance
Driver: Renegade Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Driver: Renegade

Selected Screenshots

Main menu
Screenshot from Driver '76
Title screen
Screenshot from Driver 2 Advance
Title screen
Screenshot from Driver: San Francisco
Hit a taxi.
Screenshot from Driv3r
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