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2D scrolling


These games' worlds scroll (in any two dimensional direction) either forcedly, or because the camera follows a certain character or cursor (tracking camera).
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DOS (1990), ZX Spectrum (1990), MSX (1990) and Amstrad CPC (1990)

La Espada Sagrada is an action game that consists of three phases, the third being more arcade-oriented than the first...

Lafayette Escadrille TRS-80 Front Cover

TRS-80 (1983)

Lafayette Escadrille is a real time action, simulation and strategy game putting the player in control of World War I...

Arcade (1977)

Laguna Racer is a racing game for one player. The player races on a track that goes straight ahead at...

Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA Playoffs Genesis Front Cover

Genesis (1990)

Lakers vs. Celtics on Genesis is an update of the game of the same name for PCs. It features the...

The Lake Windows Front Cover

Windows (2008)

The Lake is a short interactive story created in three days using Construct for the TIGSource Commonplace Book competition, where...

La-Mulana Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005)

La•Mulana is a platform title that was five years in development and was designed to look like an MSX game....

La-Mulana Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2012), Macintosh (2016), Wii (2011) and PS Vita (2015)

La-Mulana is a remake of the original La-Mulana released in 2005. It is an explorable platformer / metroidvania, or, as...

La-Mulana 2 Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2018) and Macintosh (2018)

The Land Before Time Collection Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2002)

The Land Before Time for Game Boy Advance is a side-scrolling platform game based on the cartoon franchise. The dinosaur...

The Land of Dasthir Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Game Gear Front Cover

Game Gear (1993) and SEGA Master System (1992)

Mickey Mouse is reading an interesting book and suddenly find himself in a strange, dreamy village. He is told that...

Commodore 16, Plus/4 (2016)

A followup platform game to to Majesty of Sprites. Kate once again descends into the realm of the magical book,...

Landstalker: Treasure of King Nole Linux Front Cover

Linux (2018), Windows (2011), Genesis (1992), Macintosh (2018) and Wii (2007)

An experienced treasure hunter named Nigel is on a quest to obtain the valuable Statue of Jypta. After successfully recovering...

LandTraveller Linux Front Cover

Linux (2017), Windows (2017) and Macintosh (2017)

Langrisser iPad Front Cover

Windows (2018), iPhone (2018), Android (2018) and iPad (2018)

Langrisser II Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004), Genesis (1994) and Wii (2007)

Langrisser II is a sequel to Warsong (whose original title is Langrisser). The events of the game take place several...

Lanota iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2016), Android (2016), iPad (2016) and Nintendo Switch (2018)

Lapis x Labyrinth PlayStation 4 Front Cover
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Anniversary J2ME Front Cover

J2ME (2007)

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Anniversary for mobile phones differs from the PC/console version in that it is not directly...

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Curse of the Sword Game Boy Color Front Cover

Game Boy Color (2001)

Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword contains five large areas to explore. Afflicted with a terrible curse, Lara must follow...

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Legend Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2006)

Tomb Raider: Legend for Nintendo DS is a rather different game than its console brethren. It retains the plot and...

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Legend Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2006)

The GBA version of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend is a side-scrolling platform game more similar to the DS version...

J2ME (2006)

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Legend: Tokyo is a mobile game version of Lara Craft: Tomb Raider - Legend. As...

DOS (1996)

Larax & Zaco is a platform game. Each level takes place in and around a building with bonus items scattered...

Laser Blast Atari 2600 Front Cover

Windows (2010), Atari 2600 (1981) and Xbox 360 (2010)

In Laser Blast, you control an intergalactic spacecraft, and you need to destroy enemy ground forces. Using your laser blasts,...

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