Action games main mechanics revolve around one or more of the following:
  • Accuracy
  • Movement
  • Quick Decisions
  • Reflexes
  • Timing
This genre is only to be used for games that don't fit in the other action-based basic genres such as Racing/Driving, Role-Playing (RPG) and Sports.
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ProtoGalaxy Windows Front Cover

Windows (2010)

Windows (2008)

Protoganda II is a shoot 'em up game and a sequel to Protoganda: Strings, with retro-styled graphics. The player controls...

Windows (2007)

Protoganda: Strings is a fast-paced vertical shooter with a visual style somewhat inspired by old Soviet 8mm movies. Gameplay consists...

DOS (1987)

Proton is a single-player computer adaptation of Photon, a.k.a. Lazer Tag's lesser-known competitor. A pair of three-man teams - Blue...

Proton Pulse Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016), Android (2014) and PlayStation 4 (2016)

Protöthea Wii Front Cover

Wii (2008)

Prototype Windows Front Cover

Windows (2009), Xbox 360 (2009), PlayStation 3 (2009), PlayStation 4 (2015) and Xbox One (2015)

Alex Mercer has a problem or a gift - depending on the view. Thanks to a virus in his system...

Prototype DOS Front Cover

DOS (1995)

Prototype is a side-scrolling shooter. Controlling a cutting-edge prototype craft, you must save the world from an alien attack.The ship...

Windows (2006)

This shoot 'em up won the ShmupDev 2006 contest to write a horizontally-scrolling shooter with bosses. From the title and...

Prototype 2 PlayStation 4 Front Cover
Prototype 2 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012), Xbox 360 (2012) and PlayStation 3 (2012)

Prototype 2 is an action game set in an open world environment and it is the sequel to Prototype. At...

Xbox 360 (2012) and PlayStation 3 (2012)

This collector's edition contains: Prototype 2 Soundtrack disc Hardbound art book Voucher code to download Dark Horse Comic's third and...

Prowler Commodore 64 Front Cover

PC Booter (1987), Commodore 64 (1987), ZX Spectrum (1988) and Amstrad CPC (1987)

Prowler sends you deep into space, to Ursa Minor Delta-V, where the Peradusins are on the attack (companies were starting...

Proxy Blade Zero Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014) and Xbox 360 (2014)

Proxy Blade Zero is 3D weapons based brawler with a mix of offensive and defensive options that need to be...

Prügel Star: Lande den Volltreffer! Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003)

Prügel Star: Lande den Volltreffer! is a simple shooter. Your task is to shoot the candidates of a casting show...

ZX Spectrum (1992)

You're shortly member of the city police, still called 'greenhorn' by your fellows. One day, in the middle of your...

Pryzm: Chapter One - The Dark Unicorn PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2002)

Pryzm: Chapter One - The Dark Unicorn is set in a peaceful land where all five races (gnomes, elves, trolls,...

Przeklęta Ziemia DOS Front Cover

DOS (1998)

Przeklęta Ziemia is a shooter with strategic elements. The aim of the game is to pay off debts incurred in...

DOS (1999)

Przygody Krzysia is a simple platform game, where the player may only walk, without jumping or any other activities. The...

Windows (2001)

Przygody Punka Franka ("The Adventures of Punk Franek") is a Polish game featuring Punk Franek, a character appearing in the...

Browser (2016)

PSD Invaders is a Space Invaders clone originally released before the 2016 Romanian local elections. The initial wave of "invaders"...

Psi 5 Trading Co. DOS Front Cover

DOS (1986), Commodore 64 (1986), ZX Spectrum (1987), Amstrad CPC (1987) and Amstrad PCW (1987)

Psi-5 Trading company puts the player in command of a space freighter crewed by a host of quirky aliens. The...

Psibo Wii U Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016), Macintosh (2016) and Wii U (2016)

Psichodelya Linux Front Cover

Linux (2014), Windows (2014) and Macintosh (2014)

Psichodelya is a top-down vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up with gameplay mechanics inspirated by Ikaruga and other older shooters. The player...

Atari ST (1989)

Psicotic is a multi-screen shoot'em up game coded in STOS. Aliens from the planet ZzalazZ has almost destroyed earth and...

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